Classical Guitar Tuition in Windermere, The Lake District

Classical guitar lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students in the South Lakes. ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal School of Music) Grade 1-8 Diploma ABRSM in Classical Guitar.

Classical Guitar Tuition for Beginners

A comprehensive introduction to the classical guitar learning how to read music for the instrument, preparation for grades 1-3 with the Associated Board commence after the student has completed the initial stages and can play four simple studies from music for the guitar.

Intermediate and Advanced Classical Guitar Tuition

Opportunity to take advanced Grades VI - VIII (Grade 5 Music Theory required for Grades 6-8). Discover and learn new repertoire, improve your technique and music performance.

Acoustic Guitar Tuition in Windermere

Singer /songwriters discover your potential and learn and enjoy Acoustic Guitar. Develop your chord and rhythm skills and learn guitar styles from all over the world. Individual private lessons guarantee success.

The art of Songwriting for guitar students

Learn to write and play your own original compositions, study and analyse how it's done; intros, verses, chorus, bridges, interludes and fade outs. Learn the tricks of the profesional songwriter.

Individual lessons available.

Discovering Duets with the Classical Guitar in Cumbria

Improve your sight reading skills, and discover a wealth of Duet music written for classical guitar. From the lute music of the Renaisance to contemporary repertoire, work and enjoy music making under the guidance of your teacher. Individual or group tuition available in Windermere, Cumbria.

Group tuition (maximum 3 players) available on shared cost basis. Contact Frank for more information.

Composing for Guitarists - G.C.S.F. A level Music in Cumbria

Learn to write music for Guitar Solo and Duet. Write music for Guitar & Flute or Guitar & Violin.

Courses available on an individual basis.

Guitar Tuition Pricing

  • Classical Guitar Duet
    • Classes: 1 hour session 10 week course £150
    • Private lessons: 1 hour £40
  • Classical Guitar Tuition Grade 1 – 5: ½ hour private lesson £18
  • Classical Guitar Tuition Grade 6 – 8: ½ hour private lesson £20
  • Classical Guitar Diploma ABRSM: ½ hour private lesson £25
  • The Art of Song writing for Guitarists: Private lesson ½ hour £20

Lessons are payable in advance per half term.