Frank Perkins ARCM FRSA Music Biography

Teacher of Classical Guitar, Music Theory and Composition, consistently achieving excellent results in Associated Board exams. Students have gone onto achieve great success at under-graduate level and beyond. Over fifty pupils have achieved success at Grade 8 level ABRSM, and he has taught several students who have embarked on the ABRSM Diploma.

In addition many hundreds of younger students have achieved Grades 1-5 ABRSM. Frank Perkins ARCM FRSA has worked for many years as a full time Music teacher, specialising in Grade 5 Music Theory, Composition Studies for GCSE & A level students and teaching the art of song writing for Guitarists.


"Professionally I have found Frank to be a successful and enthusiastic teacher who is thoroughly respected and admired by all his pupils. Both at Casterton and in a long teaching career in the North West he has consistently achieved excellent results in the Associated Board examinations and a number of his pupils have gone to achieve great success on the guitar at conservatoire under-graduate level and beyond. He has taught over fifty pupils to ABRSM Grade 8 level, several of whom he taught further to take ABRSM diplomas, in addition to many hundreds of other entrants to lower grades." - David Chapman, Director of Music, Casterton School