Fine Art Reproductions - Frank Perkins ARCM FRSA

During the Artist's career, commissions have been taken to reproduce many famous paintings of the past.

  • 'A Coign of Vantage' by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema was commissioned for the artist's wife.
  • 'Admiral Hawke' was commissioned by brewer Samuel Smith at Tadcaster.
  • 'The Surgeon after Alan Ramsey' was commissioned by a private client in Edinburgh.

Studio copies are often also commissioned to protect original works of art.

Reproduction paintings are painted in oils on stetched 100% pure linen fine grain canvas to a variety of size formats. Reproduction paintings can also be executed on canvas board or painting panels. A gesso high quality primer is used for preparing the canvas for painting. 

For full details regarding prices please contact the Artist. Prices vary depending on size and content.