The Process

The commission of a painting, whether a drawing, oil painting or reproduction begins with a meeting or phone call between the client and the artist. This will formalise the details of the painting and provide you with a cost based on the subject matter and size of the painting.

Upon finalising these details, the reference materials will be finalised and for portrait commissions a photography shoot will be organised at an agreed location. This should take no more than two hours to complete. The photography will be reviewed and by working closely with you, the client, a final selection of shots will be determined from which the final painting will be created at the artist's studio. For individual portraits live sittings can be arranged.

At all times, the client is key and the process is designed to ensure the client is comfortable throughout this once in a lifetime experience. The final piece is the finished artwork, but the whole process is what defines the experience and the memory.

For full details regarding commissions please contact the Artist. Prices vary depending on size and content.